If you are a returning customer, thank-you very much for using my program. For new customers, welcome to a stretching program that makes increasing your flexibility fun and easy.

What is FRAID NOTS® ?

Most people realize the importance of stretching, but few adhere to a regular program. The FRAID NOTS® Rope-Assisted Stretching Program® includes a special colorful rope, door strap, instruction manual, laminated sequence chart and video which depict over 15 stretches that can be accomplished in 5-7 minutes. The rope and guide fit easily inside a work-out, golf or tennis bag, even at a work station, and serve as a constant reminder to stretch. The versatility of this product coupled with its unique attachment methods makes stretching quick, fun and easy for everyone!

Think you don't need to stretch? FRAID SO!

If you observe most animals, they instinctively stretch upon arising, and continue to do so throughout the day. People know they need to stretch, yet the list of excuses for NOT is seemingly endless. With that in mind, I have developed a stretching program that is based on the premise that people won't stretch, a sort of psychology of stretching. I have tried to remove all of the roadblocks on the path to a regular total-body stretching program.

A stretching program must be quick.

Most peoples' stretching attention-span is 6-7 minutes. A stretching program must be the most effective available. If a physical therapist or athletic trainer were to assist you in your stretching, you would do it on a regular basis since the other person can help you reach a range of motion that you could not achieve by yourself. A stretching program must be accomplished in the same order each time. It must become instinctive, so it better be easy to learn and easy to remember. Since people have a habit of conversing while they stretch, a set program lends itself to a much more enjoyable experience, since both can be accomplished simultaneously.

A stretching program needs something to constantly remind us that we to need to stretch.

I have addressed these needs in my FRAID NOTS® Rope-Assisted Stretching Programę. The 15 stretch, total-body program can be accomplished in 5-7 minutes. Each stretch is held for one breath, which is 8-10 seconds. People stretch better on the exhale, and I realize that in some cases a longer hold period would be in order, but I'm coming from the angle that people won't stretch, so don't push the time limit. If they like the stretch, they will hold it longer on their own, but at least I got them started. The FRAID NOTS® colorful rope acts as your stretching partner, giving you more leverage, a fighting chance, and a much better stretch and greater range-of-motion than you could accomplish without assistance.

FRAID NOTS® is a program, not an exact method.

In fact, many different methods of stretching may be applied to the program. The stretching sequence begins with the upper body, which most people neglect to stretch, and includes some very unique attachment methods so that you can use your own body-weight to increase the stretch. It then focuses on the lower body, including the all important hip area. The short manual( remember, if people won't stretch, they won't read a thesis on it) that is included with each program illustrates and explains each stretch in the order they are to be performed, and the video shows you the correct form for each stretch. But since you will not want to keep referring to the book for the order, a handy laminated sequence chart is included with each program.

And lastly, the colorful rope serves as a constant reminder to stretch.

It is not a towel, which has another important purpose, nor a rough piece of yellow ski rope. Rather, the rope is a durable, machine washable, soft to the hands, knotted at each end stretching partner that lasts for years. It serves one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to stretch with. When you see it, you think of only one thing; I SHOULD STRETCH!

Now a lot of us have purchased expensive home fitness equipment, only to have it become a dust gatherer or a clothes rack.

The machines only work if they hold your attention, and if you use them. As a personal trainer, I'm always asked, "Tom, if I want to start a fitness program, what should I do first?" My answer is always the same; a flexibility program should be implemented before a strength and conditioning program is initiated. Consistency is the key to every fitness program, and you cannot be consistent if your muscles are constantly sore, or if you are injured. Both of my programs, the FRAID NOTS® and the BACK-IT BALL® are back-to-back products that should be purchased before you ever start exercising, or before you buy a piece of fitness equipment. Even if you do not exercise, everyone should at least stretch! In closing, the one thing that makes me most proud of my stretching programs is the compliance factor I have seen both from individuals and teams. Folks that will stretch find it a much more productive program, and for those that can't, don't or won't, they do!


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