What is the BACK-IT BALL® ?

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The revolutionary BACK-IT BALL® is a totally new, spine-tingling, massage-rolling, feel good experience. Due to the special medium contained in the ball, the 5-7 lb fluid-filled pleasure sphere* offers you a stable and wide support mechanism that gently encourages the natural curve of your spine. When rolling on the BACK-IT BALL, you use your own bodyweight to gently massage, but more importantly stretch the muscles in your back. The easy-to-follow instruction manual, DVD, and laminated sequence card detail not only how to roll on the ball, but also include 8 simple exercises that incorporate the weight of the sphere as resistance to help quickly strengthen your stomach and back. Also included is the cardiovascular-challenging, strength-building and fun medicine ball throwing fitness program. (*approx. weight; fluid is non-toxic and safe)

How to use the BACK-IT BALL®

While lying flat on your back with your legs in a bent-knee position, you place the BACK-IT BALL® under your neck. This feels great all by itself, since it stretches the muscles in your neck. It is actually such a comfortable position that you very well might find yourself watching TV like this. But now for your back. Simply push up with your legs and slowly roll the ball down your spine. Now for the very best part! Once you are at your lower back, you roll up and down in a small fashion, and also side to side, then almost to the point of rolling on your side. It's that easy. A simple wellness roll that helps your individual health, and puts you on the road to a healthy and happy back.

The primary use for the ball is to make your back feel good, but since many in the health field believe that the secret to a good back is a strong stomach, it would be irresponsible of me to only stretch your back without giving you a program to strengthen and stretch your stomach and back. That's why there are 8 simple exercises that can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes that incorporate the weight of the sphere as resistance to help quickly strengthen your stomach and back.

Should you be under a physician's care for back problems, always consult with the doctor to see if he or she approves of these exercises. Since there are so many back and stomach strengthening exercises that can be accomplished with the BACK-IT BALL, your doctor or physical therapist may have special instructions for you. When beginning this program, you should practice all of the exercises in the order presented without the weight of the ball. After you feel comfortable with the movements of each exercise, include the weight of the ball, starting slowly with 1-2 repetitions of each exercise, and working your way up to 10 of each.

Now, let's go back to the stomach portion for just a bit. To do crunches over and over again is a boring, lengthy exercise. The secret to building strong abs fast is to use resistance. You can start with the recommended 10 repetitions, but as your stomach strength increases, as it will due to the extra weight of the BACK-IT BALL®, you can perform more repetitions of each exercise to help you gain those washboard abs you have always dreamed of. The BACK-IT BALL® can make you stand taller and straighter, and improve the muscle tone of your stomach and back. But the BACK-IT BALL® is such a multi-purpose sphere that it can be used as a medicine ball, without a partner, against a wall to give you a total body workout. It's that durable.

Medicine ball training has been used for decades to train athletes, but the problem today is finding a willing partner. Innovative methods for solo medicine ball training have included expensive rebounders shaped like a small trampoline. With my BACK-IT BALL® and a solid wall (poured concrete, tile, etc., not stucco or drywall) you can perform countless strength building and cardiovascular routines. The best attribute of this method is that it develops power, because you can hurl the ball as forceful as you desire without the fear of injury to your partner. I also find wall-throwing of the ball an excellent frustration vent.

Why use the BACK-IT BALL® ?

  • Tired of nagging back-pain?
  • Wish you had more mobility, more flexibility and less muscle tightness and soreness?

You know, almost everyone will have back pain at least once in their life. They are lucky if that's all! Back pain rivals the common cold as the leading cause of physician visits, and it is the leading cause of disability in workers. That's the bad news.

The good news is that most back pain is due to weakness in the lower back and stomach, rather than irreversible damage to the spine. When you think about it, we spend a good deal of our day in a bad, bent-over posture, whether lifting objects improperly, hunched over a desk in a chair or driving. It's no wonder our backs are sore. Stretching and strengthening can help alleviate current back pain and prevent further occurrences.

Compression of the spine naturally occurs due to the aging process, and the effects of gravity. Less space between the vertebrae can be due to injury, but often times it is caused by a tightening and shortening of the muscle fibers in your back. By rolling up and down on the BACK-IT BALL, you increase circulation and help to stretch and lengthen the muscle fibers, which in turn reduces pressure on the spine. This all adds up to pain reduction, especially in the low back area, where so many problems occur.

So many people are hampered in their quality of life because of back pain and poor flexibility. They avoid sports, playing with their children, physical activity and even employment opportunities, all because of a bad back. Well, the axiom, "Once a bad back, Always a bad back" does not always hold true. People all over are starting to take charge of their health and wellness, and I am encouraged by their dedication and discipline. With insurance plan coverage constantly shrinking, those in the healthcare field can only provide limited assistance compared to what we can do for ourselves on a daily healing basis.

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