No Longer Available

This extraordinary combination includes the amazing benefits of both the 'FRAID NOTS and the BACK-IT BALL, serving as a one-two punch to help knock-out back pain. By stretching, rolling and strengthening, you are on your way to pain reduction, increased mobility, and RELIEF!


When using the 'FRAID NOTS Program to stretch your upper-body, including the marvelous hanging-stretches, you release the tension and tightness in your entire torso, front and back. By performing the lower-body stretches, you increase your flexibility and range-of-motion in an area where a lot of back problems originate, especially the hamstrings and hip flexors. Follow that with a healthy, spine-tingling roll on the BACK-IT BALL, and complete the short exercise program, and you are on the path to a happy and healthy back. This package is offered for only $39.98, saving you $10.00 over purchasing each program separately, and you save on shipping charges!

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