Dr. Micheal T. Reilly,
MD, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

"As an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician, I constantly emphasize stretching to my patients as a way to prevent injuries. Stretching helps the body prepare for all physical activity and sports activity. The 'FRAID NOTS program is what I recommend. It's concise, easy to do, and the most effective way to stretch. I find that patients at times will have difficulty getting into a stretching program, but with the 'FRAID NOTS program, they not only like it, they do it on a more consistent basis."

Dr. Paul Calise, MD

"'FRAID NOTS is a program that has greatly benefited both my stroke patients, and those with lower back problems. Plus, my patients stick to this program because they enjoy it."

Dr. Dennis Liston, MD.,
Board Certified Psychiatrist

"Dear Mr. Drum, Seldom do I write praising of a product, but your BACK-IT BALL deserves such acclaim. For such conditions as stress, depression, and excessive-anger, I find your ball a wonderful tool for my patients. Sure, it feels great to roll on, but as far as throwing it against a solid wall, I find it a wonderful frustration vent. Your ball not only gives my patients exercise, which is healthy for them in itself, but it also allows them to displace aggressive tendencies. It lets the steam out of a ready-to-boil kettle. In todays stress-filled hectic society, I think a lot of us could use this release."

Dr. Kenneth Hodor, MD,
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

"I am truly sold on your stretching program for my patients. It facilitates greater flexibility and range of motion than conventional stretching programs, but the greatest asset of your program is that it's fun and easy to use. That alone makes my patients stretch more often. I have to say my patients love your ball too, as much as I do, because it feels so good. What they don't realize is that by rolling on the ball, they are helping to retain the normal curvature of the cervical and lumbar areas, which reduces stress and muscle fatigue. Rolling also helps increase blood flow, and leaves you feeling relaxed and energized. I really like the fact that it doubles as a medicine ball too, and offers a great total-body workout. Its nice to see someone still has simple solutions that work!"

Jack Nelson,
Head Coach Fort Lauderdale Swim Team

"Stretching with the 'FRAID NOTS System has virtually eliminated shoulder injuries in our program. My swimmers want to stretch with it, and use it on their own time, before and especially after practice."

Klawdia Proia,
2nd Degree Black Belt

"After studying for years and earning my Black Belt, I truly appreciate how well the body performs when it's flexible, and how important stretching is. I also think Yoga is a great way to achieve harmony and flexibility. Problem is, now I have a husband and child, and with going back to school, I don't have nearly as much time as before. Although Yoga definitely may have some advantages, it takes to long, just like Tai-Chi. I can maintain my flexibility with the 'FRAID NOTS Program in a very short amount of time, and some of the hanging stretches that stretch my back are not in Yoga. I've used a ball in Yoga too, but the BACK-IT BALL is so much more stable, and I can do so much more with it. I always seem to make time for both, probably because they make me feel so good! Thank-you for your great products!"

Nort Thornton,
Head Coach University of California, Berkeley

"Dear Tom: I wanted to tell you that we are using your 'FRAID NOTS Stretching Program here at the University of California with our swimming team. Although we have done stretching in past years, I have to say that this year our regular use has produced some really great results. Maybe it is having a rope to remind us to use the program on a regular basis, or maybe it is a better program-or maybe both. Anyway, I wanted you to know how happy we are with the 'FRAID NOTS Program and the results we are getting. I feel that we are really benefiting from your routine."

Michael Hunt,
Assistant Instructor-Jim McLean Golf School

"At the Jim McLean Golf School, we realize how important flexibility is. Everybody that comes to our golf schools wants to hit the ball longer. As a matter of fact, a lot of our pros feel that with better flexibility and more hip rotation, a golfer would be able to hit a longer, and better ball. After using both of your products, I realized that a lot of golfers could benefit from your programs. Just the hip stretch and the way it teaches you to follow through is worth it, but the whole 'FRAID NOTS Stretching Program is far superior to stretching with a club, and way more complete. I really like the way it feels, and its versatility. I keep the rope in my golf bag and use it before and during a round. Just the idea of hooking the rope to a golf cart and stretching my arms and lower back, or using it while I'm waiting at the next hole to tee off is so innovative, yet simple. Though it's a little too heavy to carry in my bag, your BACK-IT BALL is a great tool. When I roll on it, it stretches out my back from top to bottom, and I feel great afterwards. I really enjoy rolling on the ball, after teaching all day, or playing golf. But 2 of the exercises that come with the BACK-IT BALL can truly help golfers. Your method of working both sides, the one you swing with, and the one you don't, really improves your overall range of motion, flexibility and strength, and I can see how it would reduce injuries. A lot of golfers stomachs are weak, which can cause lower back pain. The exercises with your program can help strengthen those muscles. The sit-down rotational drill, the torso twist and the golf swing exercise can improve your swing. I think the 'FRAID NOTS should be in every golfers bag, and the BACK-IT BALL should be on their floor at home."

David Bowden,
Boyd-Anderson Track & Cross-Country Coach:

"My nationally ranked high school cross-country and track teams have used your 'FRAID NOTS flexibility program for the past three seasons, and one of the reasons that my teams have been so successful is that we have reduced the number of in-season injuries by having a daily stretching regimen in place. Our athletes had a haphazard approach to stretching before 'FRAID NOTS, but now they do it on their own without me even asking them. My sprinters particularly like the arm stretches, something they never would have learned were it not for your program. But I'm runner myself, and I truly feel the benefits of stretching on a daily basis."

Kathy Keating,
Licensed Massage Therapist:

"As a massage therapist in a very busy physical therapy clinic and in my own office, the hardest thing for me to get patients to do is stretch. I can't massage them 24-7, so they need something to maintain their flexibility on their own. I tell 'em it only takes 7 minutes. You can at least do that. It helps my neck patients, and especially my back patients. Every patient gets a 'FRAID NOT, and I go through the routine with them, and show them how easy it is, and I have them follow along while looking at the card. I love the rope. Aside from patients, I'm a nationally senior ranked tennis player, and last February I won the Grand Dames Checkit Cup. I know a lot of my success was due to physically being able to move quicker and better, and more importantly, I could bend lower. I travel to national tournaments and every one wants to know about the rope after they see me stretching with it, and without a doubt, most people want a rope by the end of the tournament. I'm a lot less sore when I stretch, and I know I'm a better tennis player because of the 'FRAID NOTS program."

Dr. Michael Petrie,
Chiropractic Physician

"The BACK-IT BALL and 'FRAID NOTS are a great combination for spinal exercise to increase flexibility and inter-segmental mobility, which are necessary to maintain a healthy spine. I treat a lot of sport injuries, and of the 5 components of fitness, strength, endurance, speed, coordination and flexibility, flexibility is the most often overlooked component. Both of these products help people improve their flexibility. "

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