The FAQ's


Are all of the 'FRAID NOTS ropes the same length?
Yes, give or take a couple of inches, due to the cutting and especially pricing.
Does the rope (or my FRAID NOT) stretch?
  No. The whole theory behind my program is that I want your muscles to stretch, not the object that you are stretching with. The rope is not elastic, and cannot be used as an exercise band.
Does it really take just 5-7 minutes to complete your basic stretching program?
  Yes. If you hold each stretch for one breath, stretching as you exhale (this is when you are most relaxed). You may wish to hold each stretch for longer, but my objective is to coax you into stretching your entire body on a daily basis. If it takes too long, you won't do it.
Do I really need the 'FRAID NOTS video, since your program does come with a manual explaining each stretch?
  When it comes to human movement, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand.
Is my rope('FRAID NOT) washable?
  Yes, but please do not use bleach. It is made to get wet, and water will not damage it.
Can I purchase extra ropes-only, and not the booklet, laminated card and doorstrap?
  I'm afraid not.
Are stretching and flexibility the same?
  No. Stretching you perform, flexibility you gain, or lose. With consistent stretching, your muscles can become more flexible.
Can you overstretch?
  Anything can be overdone, but if you follow my directions, you should be safe.
Why is your program different from other stretching programs, especially those that use a rope or device to stretch with?
  My program is set pattern of stretches that progress from easy to more advanced. I have found that if you stretch a muscle, go away from it, then return with a more advanced stretch, you not only stretch, but make greater gains in flexibility. The program starts with your upper body, then proceeds down. By using the rope, it becomes a partner assisting you in a range-of motion that you could not possibly accomplish un-aided. Plus, the hanging stretches, where you use the included doorstrap, are some of the most unique, feel-good stretches. These seem to be most peoples favorite stretches.


What is in the BACK-IT BALL?
The ingredients are a secret, but they are non-toxic, safe and will not stain. Should the ball rupture, no harm will be incurred from its fluids. I do advise keeping it away from pets.
Can the BACK-IT BALL break?
  In tests too numerous to list, we have not had one break. But there is always a possibility, so should a rupture occur we ask that you return the ball to us so we can make a reasonable determination to replace it. I want you to be happy and healthy.
Couldn't I use a regular air filled ball?
  The rolling results would not be the same, since the weight of my sphere makes it more stable, and its squishability factor spreads the great massage feeling over a larger surface area while continuing to offer greater support. Also, the weight of my sphere is used as resistance for my strengthening program.
Can I empty and refill the ball so I won't have the weight when I travel?
  NO. The ball should never be introduced to any foreign object or substance through its injection port. It will break the seal, and invalidate all warranties.
Can I place the ball in the microwave to heat it up, or in the refrigerator to cool it?
  No. The sphere should remain at room temperature as much as possible. Placing the ball in the microwave could result in a scalding rupture, while cooling it causes unwanted condensation. It can withstand a freeze-thaw cycle during shipment.
Should I roll on the ball if I suffer from a herniated disc or a pinched nerve. Will your ball help them?
  It may, but you should ALWAYS check with your doctor and physical therapist to get clearance first. The same applies to the exercise program that accompanies the BACK-IT BALL. You should always consult with your health professional to see if they have special instructions for you.


How tight should I keep the tubing?
The tension of the tubing is important, for you want to work close to failure on each set. Move away from the attachment point to increase the resistance.
When I do the exercises, the leg that I'm standing on gets tired too, and I have to concentrate to keep my exercising leg pointing straight forward.
  There is a good tendency of the tubing to pull your leg out to the side while performing the forward, backward or lifting motion, especially as your muscles fatigue. DO NOT LET IT DO THIS! By imagining the close form that you run and cycle with, and maintaining that position with your legs, you develop collateral musculature (the muscles on the sides of your legs) for joint stability and injury prevention.
When should I use the SPEED TU-BETM?
  The SPEED TU-BETM workout can be performed at any time. If you execute it immediately before you run or bike, you will pre-exhaust your muscles. If you perform it after you cycle or run, when your muscles are fatigued, you can work them to failure sooner, and often achieve greater results. Whichever time or method you choose, having the SPEED TU-BETM nearby or with you when you train helps insure compliance. You must not lose sight of either your goal to run or cycle faster, or your SPEED TU-BETM.
How long before I will see results?
  It usually takes three to four weeks before you start to see some results, although some see results almost immediately. The biggest obstacle to overcome is realizing that you now have the strength to run and cycle faster and more efficiently, but you must push yourself harder to see the change. Also, although the leg strength is there, sometimes it takes a while for your lungs and breathing patterns to catch up.
What do I do after I have completed the 5 Week program?
  You can progress with the program by increasing the tension of your tubing (Level 2), and begin with the repetitions listed in Week 3 of the 5 Week program. There will also be monthly tips offered on our website showcasing new exercises, and different methods of accomplishing the exercises in the 5-Week program.
How long will the tubing last?
  We use only the finest American-made tubing, so it should be a training partner for a fair amount of time. The life expectancy is dependent on many circumstances; amount of use, exposure to heat, sunlight, chemicals or sharp objects. I have used mine for over a year, but your results may vary.

Always Consult A Physician Before Starting My Three Programs, or Any Exercise Program, Especially If You Suffer From Back Problems!

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